About us

Molon Giovanni Snc is a firm located in Veneto region (North East of Italy) that has been manufacturing agricultural machines for over 50 years.


In 1936 Giovanni Molon, the firm’s founder, began his work as blacksmith and he also attended to the agricultural machine repairing.
Fortified by the experience he had been acquiring, he decided to manufacture hay machines by himself and in 1952 he produced the first hay rakes drawn by animals.
Year after year new models followed one another.
In 1961 the hay fork turners were produced, but still for animal drawing.

With the improvement of agricultural mechanization the machines were modified and adapted to mechanical haulage. So in 1967 the first side-delivery belt rakes turned out and were first applied to motor mowers and then to tractors.
The production developed and the hay turners and spreaders appeared: they have obtained the customers’ approval mostly thanks to their original applications to motor mowers on the mountains.
To fulfil the particular demands coming from some agricultural and zootechnical fields, the sweepers has been produced with analogous structure to the side-delivery hay rakes: they have been employed in cleaning or harvesting hazelnuts, olives, etc.

The development and increase in production had led to strong space requirements and consequently the works building has been enlarged up to the current size of about 3.000 square meters covered surface.
For a long time Enio and Bruno Molon, Giovanni’s two sons, collaborated with their father in running the business and they are now the owners of the firm.

The quality of our products is well known in Italy and abroad and our machines are exported all over the world.